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SOS Locksmith Doraville know that you need a trustworthy company to change or replace your locks with highest quality materials and service. Contact us now and get all that and a lot more.

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The security of our buildings, from homes to offices, counts on our locks. From our gates to our exclusive spaces, locks are responsible for guarding our valuable belongings and keeping unauthorized individuals away. As with any man-made item, locks and keys experience wear and tear by the day, the more they get utilized. A lock replacement service may become required due to any number of circumstances — natural sources, bad manufacturing, or accidents. Well, with SOS Locksmith Doraville, a locally owned and operated lock change service provider, the search is over.

Residential Door Lock & Keys Changed


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SOS Locksmith Doraville growing group of customers are always pleased with the lock replacement service that they get from us for their homes. You can find this out for yourself by having us do your house gate lock, mailbox lock, garage door locks or anything else pertaining to lock replacement service in your home. Things like house door lock repairs, or any other house locks, are just a few of the jobs that we do.

Replacement of Commercial Door Lock

Replacing a commercial lock is no problem for us, either. In need of a commercial key lock replacement or front office door lock change? We’ll be more than happy to serve you for any commercial lock change need. SOS Locksmith Doraville always happy to assist with all your commercial lock requirements.


SOS Locksmith Services

Rekeyed and Repair All Security Locks

For many years now, Doraville Locksmith Services have been ranked among the most reliable in the region. With the latest technology and expert techniques, you can be certain you’re getting high-quality and trusted lock change services, which are inexpensive as well. In our modern world, we cannot compromise the security of our homes and businesses in any way.